Know our team!

Chandini Menon

Branding Queen


She has got 7+ years of experience in advertising and branding, working with big names like Tanqueray, LinkedIn, SetWet, Coco Soul, Park Avenue, ITC, and Digit Insurance – talk about impressive!

Her design game is strong, and she’s a creative enthusiast, rockin’ Photoshop and Illustrator like a boss. But her true expertise lies in crafting concepts for brand identity, using design to solve problems and make brands shine. She’s got the skills to elevate your project to the next level, work with us and watch your brand come alive!

Dennis Nath

SEO Guru


He has got a killer track record of optimizing online presence and driving organic traffic for clients all around the globe – from India and the United States to Sweden and Portugal.

He’s got that deep understanding of search engine algorithms, like he’s reading their minds! It’s like he’s cracking the code to website visibility, making sure his clients shine bright in those search results. With this expert on our team, you’re in for some serious SEO magic. Get ready to level up your online game and watch your web presence soar!

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

More about us!

We’re a tight crew with mad skills in the digital marketing game, covering everything from crafting killer brand vibes that connect with the target audience, to making sure our clients get that prime spot in search results. Our data-driven experts know how to hustle and get the best ROI possible.

And when it comes to launching products like a boss, we got creativity on lock. Our strategic thinkers stay on top of the market and know how to spot growth opportunities. We roll with collaboration, integrity, and being adaptable.

Well, come on board and know the rest.